Saturday, 17 March 2012

I am back from my extra long break from Big Little Bang. I missed it so much. And now there are so many new items in the shop. I plan on making a hotel and an area for making movies. I know that in the end I didn't end up making a script for the Big Little Movies, I couldn't think of anything good. So here are some of the new things in the shop!
I don't know how new these things are but I just chose the most recent looking ones. And the cool ones! :)

The shop has gone bananas... literally!

 We have the Banana Badge!

 The awesome banana chair is back!

Hazardous banana skin. You gotta get one of these to put in front of your visitors! Hehehe!

 A banana hat?

And a banana nose!?

Banana outfit!!!

You had better like bananas because there's banana wallpaper too!

So if you don't like bananas then check out this stuff:

Blue and pink headphones. Walk around a planet with these on and your awesome!

Frog potion!? Um... what weird and wonderful potions can they come up with...

Pilot goggles. For those who love to fly, or for those who like to pretend they can. :)